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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

My Web Pixel welcomes anyone who wishes to promote our services and earn money.

All you have to do is register as an affiliate and start referring customers.

No, you will earn commission only on referrals that end up as a sale.

For the first 5 referrals, you will earn 20% per sale agreed.

For every additional referrals you make in the same month, 10% will be added.

For example, if in January you make 10 referrals, you will earn 20% for the first 5, and 30% for the next 5.

We can transfer your earnings either via bank transfer, PayPal, or Revolut.

You can make money on all of our services.

We will transfer your earnings 7 days after the project is completed as we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. 

While having your own website where you can promote our services is very important, it's not necessary. 

You can promote us in any way you wish, either on social media, or YouTube, or word of mouth.

We will notify you if a referral has turned into a sale as soon as we know.

Otherwise, you can check with us or with the person you referred to us.

We currently don't support that method. However, we will in the near future.